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Peer Support for Senior Finance Leaders

CFO Connect strategically bring together exceptional cohorts of ambitious, talented and experienced senior finance leaders from diverse sectors. Our passion is supporting and guiding these leaders to achieve success through peer support-mentoring.

We meet regularly and every member gains from experience-based learning. Because no matter how experienced you are, there will always be someone in the group doing things more effectively than you in some areas.

You have a fresh sounding board for ideas. Your ideas will be well tested, pulled apart and challenged so you make sound decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

The members help identify your blind spots and give you honest feedback. And most importantly your trusted advisors give you genuine, valuable and frank advice when the going gets tough.

It’s your chance to turn the ‘prickly’ issues that keep you awake at night, into positive solutions that propel you forward both professionally and personally.

Ideas grow better transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up

Oliver Wendell Holmes



Super Circle of Trust

The cornerstone foundations of our CFO Connect groups are:

  • A committed working group of no more 12 members with the same functional role who meet on a regular basis
  • An environment for collaboration and informed decision making through shared insights, knowledge and experience
  • No one competes for business or has conflicting interests – this fosters a high level of trust and confidentiality
  • A dedicated Chair who facilitates interactive roundtable conversations to bring about key learnings and outcomes
  • Expert guest speakers who share their knowledge, encourage members to think deeper and answer their important questions
  • High level networking across different Roundtables

Membership which is also protected from any supplier and or vendor relationships

Connecting for Growth



Membership with Meaning

It begins with your specialised peer group

Each CFO Connect group is strategically designed around a specific industry sector or company role. Members of the group assist each other in solving the most pressing business issues and concerns. Members can count on their peers to provide fresh perspectives and new ideas at the monthly group meetings. When placing up to 12 high performing and specialised executives (from non competing organisations) in a room, there are no limitations on thought, leadership and tangible outcomes. 

Industries of particular focus include

  • Building & Construction, Developers & associated products/services
  • Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Health, Aged Care & Allied Services

Meetings led by an industry expert

The role of a CFO Connect Chair is to oversee and guide each meeting, lending their experience and wisdom to allow members to become better leaders who make better decisions and ultimately, achieve better results in business and life.

CFO Connect Chair men and women are proven ‘captains’ of your industry and are wholly committed to the success of every group member.

Driving action to achieve results

Our group Chairs hold members accountable for taking action to achieve their goals and targets and sharing their own knowledge that they have gained through their own successful careers as CEOs, CFOs, senior executives and business owners.

They also encourage and facilitate collaboration and partnerships amongst members of the group.

Expert speakers

CFO Connect speakers present to the group. They are experts in their field. Their brief is to share their knowledge, answer questions, motivate and inspire. Members will always have a say on speakers topics and interest areas.


We are currently establishing groups for 2021 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Auckland.

Groups will also be located close to major business hubs in South East Melbourne, Western Melbourne and Western Sydney – meaning your regular group meeting will be close to your office.


The Bold Benefits

Are you equipped for the changing future? Do you know where it’s coming from? Do you have the right stuff? How will you get there? And how will you know?

  • Being part of a ‘like minded’ specialist peer support group provides invaluable key benefits;
  • grow your business by recharging your thinking  with new approaches, forward planning and fresh perspectives.
  • learn from other successful peers in your group – ignite ideas around your own practices by learning from the experiences of others in your specific field.
  • count on confidential and honest advice from a circle of trusted peers whose only agenda is to help you succeed.
  • drive collaboration & innovation within your peer group.
  • build your professional network.

Sharing for Success


Membership with Value


CFO Connect is designed as an ongoing program and we will always ensure you find high value in its regular inclusions which broadly include

  • CFO Connect Roundtables – 2.5 hours held monthly
  • CFO Connect Masterclasses (Virtual) – 90 minutes held monthly
  • CFO Connect Expert Webinars (Virtual) – 90 minutes held monthly
  • CFO Connect Networking Events – held quarterly
  • CFO Connect Long Lunch – held annually
  • CFO Connect Online – our online community portal that provides access to everything you need and more

All virtual sessions will be recorded and available via the members only CFO Connect Online.

You can invest in a CFO Connect package for a quarter, six monthly or annually. Several exclusive bonuses are available when confirming your participation before 18th December 2020. [Valued at up to $750]

Several options will also be available at an additional charge when events are scheduled. Initially this will include monthly CFO Connect Networking Dinners bringing together members from different CFO Connect groups.

Next Steps

Find out more and confirm you place speak directly with James O’Brien – Founder and Managing Director of CFO Accelerator. Call directly on +61 418 886 995 or make a time to speak directly here. Alternatively email him at james@cfoaccelerator.com

  • Building & Construction, Developers & associated products/services
  • Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Health, Aged Care & Allied Services
  • Government including Local Government
  • Food production and Agri
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